Audit Log Help & Guidance Notes

Help Notes for ACPOMIT Audit Log Facility

1. Audit Log Home Page:

There are 3 options:
• Log record of new injection – enter new data, all relevant fields should be filled.
• Edit previous records of injections – shows previous entries that can be selected to edit.
• Audit log results – download analysis tool (Microsoft Excel Work Sheet) and personal injection log (csv file) allowing graphical analysis of results.

2. Encrypt patient identification:

No patient identifiable data should be sent to the website (e.g. hospital / NHS numbers, names, D.O.Bs should not be uploaded). Therefore members should encrypt the patient ID when entering data into the audit log.

Advice from a Professional Advisor at the CSP regarding this is as follows:
“Section 6 of the Caldicott review deals specifically with the use of patient information for research, including maintaining confidentiality and protecting the identity of individuals, and I recommend reviewing this.
In addition, I recommend reviewing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) document ‘Anonymisation: managing data protection risk code of practice’. You can also contact the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113 or email [email protected] for further advice.”
You could also contact your local Caldicott Guardian for advice.

An example of encryption could be noting the first 3 letters of the patients surname, then first name, then month and date of birthday (but not year), giving a code such as “kenhug49”, or “colchr1029”.

3. Audit Log Results:

At present the analysis tool analyses and graphically presents injection therapy data by “Outcomes” and “Changes in Numerical Pain Score” in regards to the condition and by method of injection.

Subsequent versions of the working tool may be able to further analyse these measures by other factors such as type of steroid or method of guidance, if the working tool is sufficiently used by members to warrant the work needed to further develop the software.

4. Using the Analysis Tool to Audit Team Results:

Collect the csv files of your team members and copy / paste all the data onto a new spreadsheet. Make sure the first row with headings on is copied only once, and remains at the top (if it is pasted into the spreadsheet again later it will effect the results).

Save this file to your computer, and then import it into the analysis tool for immediate graphical presentation of your team’s injection therapy outcomes.