ACPOMIT Educational, Research and Travel Awards

Need funding to help towards a small scale research evaluation project, conference attendance or to visit another department with innovative practice.

Then have you considered applying to ACPOMIT for funding???

Awards are offered to members of ACPOMIT to support education, research and travel (for the purposes of education or research).

Their aim is support physiotherapists/members in: the development and dissemination of research and evaluation in orthopaedic medicine (OM) and injection therapy (IT)

Awards are made up to a maximum of £500 per individual, and once awarded a further application cannot be made for a period of 3 years.  Applications cannot be made retrospectively and must be made at least 3 months in advance of the planned visit/meeting.

 The main categories of funding awarded are:

  1. Funding to support small scale research/evaluation projects (e.g. service evaluations and audit) and literature reviews in the field of OM and/or IT. Examples might include: providing funding for library staff to conduct a literature review; paying for someone to conduct/support data analysis; buying a small piece of equipment to perform an evaluative project.
  2. Funding towards travel/conference fees to attend national and internal conferences to disseminate research and evaluation in the field of OM and/or IT i.e. to support the presentation of an oral or poster presentation. Evidence of abstract acceptance will be required prior to funding being issued.
  3. Funding towards travel/conference fees  to attend national and international conferences that have clear relevance to the aims of ACPOMIT
  4. Funding towards travel to attend/visit wards/units/health care providers for the purpose of studying innovative practices in OM and/or IT

Enquiries to Dr Claire Diver, ACPOMIT Research Officer at:

[email protected]